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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: Jun 8, 2019 8:06pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Spring tour 91 - Orlando . Last stop

ORLANDO AREA, ORLANDO FL<BR><BR>4/7/91<BR>A grand “Jack Straw” , and a fine 90’s “Sugaree” is a good start to a good show .<BR>Actually it is not a barnburner, but a more measured show . I really like the “Row Jimmy&gt;BT Wind&gt;Rubin And Cherise” All good versions, and the “Rubin” being the best of the four they did, and then they dropped it, for who knows why .<BR>The second set continues with more of that Grateful Dead warmth .<BR>Listen to the piano in the opening of “Crazy Fingers ! Yes this is a beautiful version . “Playing”, and “UJB” continues in the same vein, some might find this all lacking in energy, but for me it is blissful . Now in the “Playin” jam, that comes after “UJB” it gets a little more woolly . Pretty cool , if you ask me .. “Drums” is more subdued than usual .In the “space” section , some hear the “Close Encounters” theme cited . I does seem like the guys are tossing something around underneath the spacey weirdness, . The end of space goes back into a more of the pretty music from earlier in the night . This is a set up for “Box of Rain” . Now, I may have missed something, but was the only other time the song came out of “space” , in 95 . Normally I would not think it wouldn’t work, but in the context of this show, yes it works (and it helps they are on) . Ok, time to step up the energy, and Garcia goes into “GDTRFB”. , Vice, Bruce, and Jerry all get solos . <BR>The Lovelight” is more subdued than usual, “Baby Blue” brings the show to a end .<BR>If you came to this show expecting to rock out, well you would have been disappointed . There are some uptempo moments, but mostly relaxed stroll with the Dead . <BR>Helps that the SBD is well mixed with both keyboards not buried, but not too loud . <BR>First set only 24 bit from Mr. Miller <BR><a href="" target="_blank"></a><BR>and his 16 bit of the whole thing <BR><a href="" target="_blank"></a><BR>Greg Holtz has the bet AUD, to my ears <BR><a href="" target="_blank"></a><BR><BR>4/8/91<BR>After that relaxed show the previous night, they are back in a party mood . Like the previous night, though the mix is good . “1/2 Step” leads off a nothing earth shaking but feel good Dead set Just seems like everyone is in a good mood (except for poor ole Sweet William in” Peggy O who dies…). <BR>Another very nice “Eyes” starts the second set . Maybe not as amazing as some of the other one on this tour, but still up there . Back in a festive mode ,”Women Smarter” is indeed festive . Jerry get serious for a moment with”SOF”, then back on you feet with “Trucking” with jam out of it . Phil is sounding good tonight .<BR>“Drums.Space&gt;Wheel&gt;Miracle” are average, But then Garcia puts everything in sober perspective with strong “Morning Dew” to end the show . <BR>For the encore, and better than average “JBG” . Sure nice to have that real piano in there .<BR>A good one . <BR>Highlights : “Eyes”, Truckin’”, “Morning Dew” .<BR><a href="" target="_blank"></a><BR><a href="" target="_blank"></a><BR><BR>4/9/91<BR>Well, it sounds like everyone wants to go home . First set is ok, get a :Loose Lucy”, and a “Roses”,”The Let It Grow “ revs it up . <BR>Most the pre-drums section is a tad lackluster, the “Foolish Heart&gt;jam” is worth the price of admission , really the best thing that night . Nice stuff between Garcia, Vince, and Hornsby . The Post drums section is well play, but unexceptional . “Other One” is the best part . “T. Stones&gt;NFA, Brokedown” and we’re out of here .<BR>Sort of a weak end to a exception tour . <BR>Highlights : “Roses”, “Let It Grow”,“Foolish Heart&gt;jam” , Other One” .<BR><a href="" target="_blank"></a><BR>Nice AUD <BR><a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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Poster: turnphilup Date: Jun 11, 2019 5:53am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Spring tour 91 - Orlando . Last stop

Sums it up nicely DD. I choose these shows instead of going to Greensboro, which in hindsight was a mistake! Catching that 1st show with that final Rubin was the best part of the run. Maybe Jerry just considered it a song he only enjoyed playing with JGB, but it does seem like they finally got it together on this 4th version. They definitely mailed it in that final night and just wanted to go home. Think that 3rd show was added late and was not a sell out. Very mellow lot scene I recall, until someone drowned trying to swim in one of the ponds surrounding the arena.